About Us


E Salon was established in 2004 as a Uni-Sex salon. The idea was to combine professional services for people that have come to expect from high-end salons with up-to-date trends in color, haircuts, hair extensions and smoothing treatments for men and women. We recognize on going education and progression in the industry while strongly supporting non-diversional products. All our stylists are independent and are talented in their own way who work together and share concepts and creativity. We welcome complimentary consultations for first time and ongoing clients for any service.

Our Commitment

E Salon is of the best-known salons for its prolific charm and individual stylists who believe in excellence and you being a valuable client. We as an establishment only encourage healthy hair and symmetry which fit your needs at the same time educating the client on product knowledge and how to achieve and or sustain your select style at home. We give you the look and the tools including makeup tips. Come and indulge yourself in a practical environment and melt in the chocolate leather chairs while giving you an unequivocal style. We are also committed to a peaceful ambiance in the salon. It is clear from the moment you walk in. The salon’s Zen-influenced decor and richly stained cherry wood work stations that were specially designed to provide a unique level of privacy not seen in most other salons.

We carry unique products not sold just anywhere since you’re not just “Anyone” A fabulous hair color, cut or chemical service deserves it and so do YOU

Safety Standards

For your safety and ours. The owner decided to be ahead of the game during these times of Covid-19 and install state of the art bi-polar technology that continuously cleans the air and keeps viruses and other harmful elements in the air at bay. We sanitize after each client and follow all the guidelines that are in place as it changes with time. We appreciate all our patience and value you as a guest in our salon. Thank you!

Eleni Tziouvaras

She is known as the “Color Expert” since her background involves educating others in this field for over 30 years and cutting skills that are all her own style just made for you. Working throughout California Eleni is a highly respected and a recognized stylist known for her ‘No Nonsense approach’ and integrity.

‘I don’t feel like I need to overcompensate any style or color for you. It should just flow and work for you. If it’s not or I believe it’s not achievable I will let you know, this goes for color correction as well. Nothing is scarier than telling a client you can do it and then it’s a flop.’


Her training background started in Santa Barbara CA, to Vidal Sassoon, to Goldwell, to Nexxus and to well-known hair care color company Alfaparf from Milan which she was also teaching color for them. Her recent accolade was getting her ‘ABCH’ certificate in 2017 known as The American Board of Certified Hair colortists and is now currently with ‘BCH’ The Board of Certified Hair colortists as an assessor who grades other stylists who want to achieve their best in hair color and the chemistry that goes along with the anatomy of hair. It is one of the most prestigious certificates you can get. Eleni graduated in the top 3 in her class therefore catapulting her to another level in the industry as an exceptional stylist/educator and business owner along with coming out with her own line of haircare that is specifically Ph designed for any type of hair.


Her clients travel from everywhere to get a look that just suites them as individuals. She books out in advance with exceptions to consultations that get book accordingly. She takes you to another level of all the possibilities of how you can look and feel about yourself. You can book online with her or reach out to her by email at eleni@esalonsb.com.