Pleasing your partner? Should you or not?BlogAugust 6, 2021 admin

I get asked or told by clients, what and how to wear their hair to please their partner on so many occasions that it has become like sex therapy and I say this because it is just another way to please your partner outside the bedroom!

It’s true and I said it! If you look at the whole concept, we are obsessed with anti aging this and that, from clothes all the way down to our toes. So it makes sense to give your love the best that you have to offer and if your hair is a great asset to you then use it wisely ladies and gents to its fullest potential.

The biggest mistake people make, is that they want to please the other so much that they forget what they want and what looks good on them. In the end they feel like they are wearing shoes that are one size too small and it’s very uncomfortable and written all over their face. Been there? I’m sure we all have at one point or another. If this brings back memories from the past and you laugh at it, that’s golden. The big question is should you please on and on till the break of dawn? Only if you feel good about it darlings!

I think everyone looks good in something but not “everything” works. Men always love long hair even if it’s hanging by a thread and women like a clean-cut men with maybe a 5 o’clock shadow if you can pull it off like Hugh Grant: or Patrick Dempsey ).

So my advice is get a mutual agreement going, so that both parties are happy and look fabulous! This way no one is struggling in the mirror for perfection or expecting a daily reassurance that you look “HOT”. If you trust your stylist then let them help you and give suggestions for a great outcome that you can handle and look and feel fabulous. To be honest, nothing is worth that much if you’re not happy about it.