Using Moister versus Protein in Your HairBlogAugust 6, 2021 admin

Clients always ask when these two items should be used and when, most of all what is the difference? So here you go.

Moisture: This is when your hair needs HYDRATION. Symptoms are dry hair, static, frizz and lack of shine. Your hair is starving for an everyday conditioner and even a leave in. If your hair is fine then use a light conditioner and mostly on the ends if you tend to get oily on the scalp. We recommend AG Thick Rinse. It smells like citrus and can be used every day! If your hair is thick, curly or coarse then use a heavier conditioner like AG Extra Moist Conditioner it will help keep moister in the hair throughout the day and for a leave in use AG Fast Food another great product that will help fight static and dryness and help smooth out your cuticle while blow drying. You can even cocktail it with a favorite serum “no alcohol” please, so read the label. This will enhance your overall look and your hair will love you for it.

Protein:This is when your needs REPAIR. Symptoms are brittle, split ends, dull and it takes forever to dry your hair. This happens usually when someone gets a” double process” done or the hair has been over processed period in a single service. The hair is structurally in need of repair from the inside out and it requires a protein mask. This is like taking a roof that is smooth and then lifting it when it looks scaly or like a fish with scales. Protein helps bind the hair back together and fills in those scales to get back to a smoother finish and keeps the hair in a stronger state, this does take time so a few treatments or more will help. We recommend AG- Deep or Alfaparf- Midollo Di Bamboo which has their own line of just pure protein shampoo and a mask. This is a great one for really tired over done hair. Please read instructions for each one has a different regime. You will notice a difference almost immediately and with daily care a fast recovery can happen. If the hair is really compromised you will know by the texture or by the constant breakage and stretching of each strand of hair. At this point you will need a haircut, sorry ladies. Sometimes when chemicals gets the best of your hair it’s time for a clean break. Any amount of conditioner will not repair hair once it has hit the threshold of elasticity.

Remember too much of anything is too much. Too much moisture might make your hair flat or feel heavy and protein with over use can cause brittleness, yes it can. So ask your stylist that you trust what you should be using. There are many products to choose from but I would recommend a non-diversified line or product so you have a more guaranteed result.